Cricket Victoria's Very Own Rohail Akthar - Let's Get Inclusive

On this episode of Noisy Balls, I had the most delightful conversation with Cricket Victoria's inclusion and participation officer, Rohail Akhtar.

On this episode of Noisy Balls, I had the most delightful conversation with Cricket Victoria's inclusion and participation officer, Rohail Akhtar.

Rohail has had a rather unusual life, starting in his younger years by living in Dubai, which is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai.

He then moved to Melbourne at a very young age and as you will find out, he has always had a great passion for cricket, both in playing the game, as well as coaching and mentoring his teammates to get the best out of themselves.

Rohail is a hard working individual who is passionate about his causes, particularly in the sporting arena. Rohail has accumulated an extraordinary amount of work experience which belies his young age, including working at various organisations such as Melbourne City FC, Cricket Victoria, South Morang Cricket Club, Special Olympics Victoria, Velocity Brand Management and through his internship at Inner Melbourne VET Cluster.

Rohail has developed skills which he believes will help him, including his ability to manage customers, as well as continuing to develop a high level of communication and interpersonal skills.

Rohail’s main goal is to build a career in the sports industry, particularly amongst his main interests of cricket and Australian Football.

Rohail takes pride in his reputation and experience within the industry, and believes that his hardworking manner provides tremendous value to the organisations he works for.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Rohail and it's clear that he will do magnificently as Cricket Victoria's inclusion and development officer and I certainly do appreciate Cricket Victoria for allowing me to chat with Rohail and for permitting me to put this episode together.

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