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Dan Pritchard - VBCA Vice President Takes Centre Stage

On episode 13 of Noisy Balls, I speak with the Victorian Blind Cricket Association Vice President, Dan Pritchard, about his life, both in dealing with his visual impairment as well as his sporting endeavours, and we discuss what is going on this season down at VBCA headquarters.

Geoff Smith - The Development Of English Blind Cricket And The International Game

On this episode of Noisy Balls, I spoke with English blind cricket legend Jeff Smith, where we discussed English blind cricket and the part he played in developing both the local and international game.

Michael Clemens - Howzat!

On episode 11 of Noisy Balls, I chatted with someone that is certainly much loved and well known locally, nationally and internationally. I am of course talking about the brilliant blind cricket umpire Michael Clemens.

Lindsay Heaven - Victorian Blind Cricket Association Board Update

On the first bonus episode of Noisy Balls, we welcome the President of the Victorian Blind Cricket Association back to the pavilion, Lindsay Heaven.

Dan Field - Short In Stature, But Damn Solid Behind Those Wickets

On Episode 10 of Noisy Balls, we headed back over to the UK and had a thoroughly entertaining, but  exceedingly informative natter with Blind Cricket England & Wales wicket keeper Dan Field.

Cricket Australia, Always Inclusive - With Aaron Dragwidge

On this episode of Noisy Balls, I had the honour of speaking with Cricket Australia Diversity And Inclusion Specialist Aaron Dragwidge.

Cricket Victoria's Very Own Rohail Akthar - Let's Get Inclusive

On this episode of Noisy Balls, I had the most delightful conversation with Cricket Victoria's inclusion and participation officer, Rohail Akhtar.

Justin Hollingsworth - A Man On A Mission

On this episode of Noisy Balls, I spoke with someone who will probably be well known to some of you, especially if you are residing in the UK or you know a little bit about UK vi cricket. My guest this week is Justin Hollingsworth.Justin is currently...

Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar - Let's Talk World Blind Cricket

On this episode of Noisy Balls, I was privileged to speak with Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar.

Dean du Plessis - Stumped, But Not Out

On this episode of Noisy Balls, I had the great pleasure of interviewing the totally blind radio and television commentator Dean du Plessis, who currently hosts his own very impressive podcast Dean At Stumps.

Ian (Tiny) Morris - The Sharks Are Circling

In the fourth episode of Noisy Balls, I had the great honour of speaking with a legend of the Sussex Sharks VI cricket team Ian (Tiny) Morris.

Travis Zimmer - I Did It My Way

On the third episode of Noisy Balls, I had the great privilege of interviewing Travis Zimmer, someone who many of our listeners will not know a great deal about, but after you hear his story, you will realise, how important his narrative is.

Martin Stewart - A Shining Advocate For Life

On the second episode of Noisy Balls, I was privileged to speak to long-time advocate and all-round nice guy Martin Stewart.

Lindsay Heaven - The Man Behind The Mask

On the inaugural episode of Noisy Balls, we spoke with the now current president of the Victorian Blind Cricket Association, Lindsay Heaven.

Noisy Balls - Trailer

Introducing Noisy Balls, a blind cricketing podcast which I produce with the help of our members, for our members and supporters locally, nationally and internationally.

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We trust that you will enjoy your time with us and we appreciate you tuning into the podcast.

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