About Me

My name is Marco Curralejo, and it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of a podcast that will bring to you some fascinating stories from those currently playing, those who have played, as well as other individuals involved in the great game of blind cricket.

I have been a part of the broadcasting landscape for over twenty years, having worked on Tripple R, 3CR and Vision Australia Radio as a sports presenter and panel operator. I have also enjoyed running my own online blind sports radio station which allowed listeners the opportunity of hearing blind and visually-impaired sports commentary.

I have also hosted and co-hosted a variety of sporting and tech podcasts over the past twenty years and thoroughly enjoy putting together entertaining and thought-provoking podcasts.

I hope Noisy Balls brings you as much listening pleasure as it does for me to produce the show for you each and every week and I thank the Victorian Blind Cricket Association for allowing me the opportunity to interview such a wide array of fascinating guests from all over the globe.

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Welcome To Noisy Balls

Noisy Balls aims to inform, entertain, and keep you abreast of the goings on in blind cricket from around the world.

Compelling discussion with fascinating people, highlighting the fact that no matter whether you are blind or visually impaired, this should never be a barrier for you to fulfill your sporting dreams.

We trust that you will enjoy your time with us and we appreciate you tuning into the podcast.

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